About us

“Bordados Barber” is a Spanish company founded back in the year 2000 by Mr. Juan Jose Barber, with experience in the “Embroidery business since 1992. 

Since the very beginning, we have been continuously investigating the embroidery machine sector to acquire the latest technology in the market, obtaining a technique that makes our embroideries perfectly imitate the hand crafted ones. 

 We offer high quality embroideries that may have a religious, institutional, decorative or a festive application, either for an indoor or an outdoor use, always adapting to our clients needs in regards of sizes and models. 

 Our artistic embroideries have been certified by the Technological Textile Institute (AITEX) as they resist harsh conditions so they are suitable to be exposed to rain and sun without being damaged. This certification makes them unique in the market. 

 We are, essentially a company of Artistic Embroideries, constantly improving and prepared for any kind of project.